Fruit Sauce

great blue hole of belize

I thought the Great Blue Hole of Belize would represent a big enough bowl – rather than the below’s galactic size depicts.

In the beginning, my mother got out a very large bowl, 
and in the bowl was without form, and void.   
She opened cans of peach and pineapple, 
a couple containers of fresh blueberries,  
chopped up some oranges, 
several kiwifruit, 
then dumped all that into the void.   
And it was good.

The inspiration of this drink came from flavors my mother brought together, a satisfying and mood-brightening deliciousness called Fruit Sauce, made in large quantities for either get-togethers, holiday gatherings, special occasions (or ordinary made special), whether supplementing breakfasts, snacking, or as a dessert in its own right.  There is a lot of sugar in the recipe (not listed in the reverent and loosely listed recipe above), as well as including the syrups from the cans, causing me to experiment with sugar for a still-pleasant more-acidic satisfaction.  Pineapple, orange, kiwifruit, blueberry and peach – a flavor spectrum perfected by all, though strangely disharmonized if missing a single ingredient.

I say again, this is a sweet one, no question about it, yet close to balancing with the tart qualities of the pineapple, orange and blueberry.  These fruits are why a calculated addition of simple syrup is discretionary.  As to which rums to use, I hope you experiment which ones play best with these flavors.  I stayed away from spiced and infused rums, but have no objection to overproofs, demeraras or agricoles.  After all, the original idea of the five fruits will guide the drink – like a tugboat coaxing a cruise ship towards the dock to board you for an adventure.  When adding simple syrup, perhaps the best thing to do is taste the mixture beforehand (shaking first to incorporate the flavors – shaking without ice), deciding if syrup is even needed.  If it is not sweet enough, start with a 1/4 ounce, and if needing more, another 1/4 ounce, making sure the natural flavors of the fruit do not get camouflaged.

fruit sauce 2fruit sauce 1

Fruit Sauce
1 1/4 oz light rum (Ron Matusalem Platino)
1/2 oz gold rum (Flor de Cana 7 year)
1/2 oz dark rum (Gosling's Black Seal)
3 large chunks pineapple
1 1/2 kiwifruit
10-15 blueberries (depending on size - if really big, use 8)
1/4 orange (peeled & cut into 3 pieces)
1/2 oz peach liqueur
simple syrup to taste (start at 1/4 oz)

Thoroughly muddle orange, pineapple and blueberries.  Double-strain back into mixing glass.  Muddle the kiwifruit (do not strain for added flavor), add rum and peach liqueur.  Shake vigorously without ice for 5 seconds.  Taste to see if the fruit is sweet enough, as if provided season’s ripeness, adding simple syrup if desired.  Then shake again with ice.  Pour into a chilled glass.  Skewer some blueberries for a garnish.

Note:  When you have found your preference of sweetness, there is no need to dry shake the next time you make it, since it is your original experiment.

Another Note:  Bless your hearts for waiting for this dumb posting.  I had planned to make a drink commemorating my moving into a house (will make it another time), then a planned holiday drink afterwards (also will save it for next year).  I’ve missed writing about drinks.  Thanks so much for reading.